Materials made easy!

What is materials management?

Materials Management is the control of various materials from demand to consumption. The scope of managing materials within companies varies greatly and responsibilities usually include material planning and control, procurement, accountability, quality assurance, production planning, inventory control, finance reports, plant movement, hazardous materials and waste management.

Why it is important?

One of the major challenges all managers face is maintaining a consistent flow of materials to complete jobs “right first time”. To achieve this many issues have to be reviewed and addressed, including recognising current usage and replenishment, planning future requirements, procuring in advance, operational logistics and delivery. The only way to the perfect solution is to digitally control materials at each stage of the process by streamlining operations to identify efficiencies and capture business intelligence.

Where do you start?

You may already have a materials solution in place, you could be approaching your review of the contract, you may be starting to look at options for an improved solution all of which can be daunting and raise lots of questions such as:

We can answer all these questions and more. We provide flexible solutions for all your material requirements and we’ll make sure your supply is an easy stress-free time for all involved. Enquire Now!

Why us?

Our strength is our ability to effectively provide everything you need from one point of contact. We manage the whole project from the production of digital location & product ID labels to a full stock count producing accurate digital management reports.

Our team has experience in working on a wide range of projects, we offer the ability to track materials within all areas of your business from demand to consumption, but ultimately it’s all about control.

Once we have set up your digital store you are ready for the future!

Our Total Solutions

We listen and observe current processes and procedures, understand the issues; we take what works well and develop it to achieve your goal. Our experienced dedicated team will develop day to day operating processes tailored to the needs of the business.

We assess existing software and technology systems and compliment this with our bespoke software package primarily to make efficiencies but also to provide robust business intelligence.

Overall, re-engineering the material supplies can have a major impact on the business, most importantly on service delivery to customers. Increased productivity and job satisfaction along with a reduction in material costs, less waste and improved KPI’s are all important business drivers.

Examples of the benefits we deliver;
  • Streamlined processes so all materials are purchased for specified jobs resulting in no wastage
  • Excellent supplier relationships, we can explore new materials to market, discuss bulk orders and agree on volume discounts
  • Streamline finance process enabling straightforward payments
  • Produce reports on expenditure to assist with budgeting/reporting requirements
  • Design unique stock catalogues with vehicle operatives to monitor vehicle stock electronically
  • Carry out stocktakes on all vehicles, stocktakes can be carried out on a mobile basis resulting in no down time for the workforce.
  • Assist with Health & Safety staff, COSHH data sheets supplied for materials purchased
  • We control all power tools (plant) and monitor usage by operative.  Illustrating plant location and operative details and whether the operative is trained/qualified for its use
  • Control and replenish materials for vehicles including any special orders, this allows the workforce to complete more jobs per day due to having materials at hand

Just a little help?

We listen to your issues and observe existing processes and procedures; using what works well we help you to achieve your goals. Our dedicated flexible service will be your management tool to get the best out of existing arrangements making the efficiencies needed by streamlining the control of materials.

Vehicle Stocktakes

We regularly carry our vehicle stocktakes to maintain accurate records of the materials for right first time fix. Variances are investigated so individual jobs and budgets are adjusted accordingly and accurate forecasting and budgeting is made easier for management. We offer this service as part of our total solutions but it can also be tailored as a stand-alone solution to fit with your current arrangements.

Audit control

We have received Substantial Assurance on two audits by two external audit companies Beavers and Struthers and Tiaa.  We have had numerous visits from Price Waterhouse Coopers who investigated material control, and inventory counts and our procedures have always received glowing reviews .

So if you’re looking for a solution to materials management, consider us as a business partner – Book your free consultation today click or call 0871 662 9149